FAQ Composting Toilet system Info

Why is it odour free ?

  • air flows in the toilet and goes out via the pipes after having circulated multiple times
  • after each toilet visit, a mixing motor performs the mixing in the upper tray filled of humus.  The humus absorbs the fluid elements.
  • the toilet is warm : this dries up and the aerobic bacteria do a lot of composting

What temperature do I need ?

We need a temperature of 18°C or higher.  If the temperature is slightly lower, then the thermostat must be put higher.  If the temperature is a lot lower, then the Biolet composting toilet is not the right choice.

When the toilet is unused (e.g. holiday residence in winter), then the temperature can go very low.  So the temperature is only important in use.

Should a composting toilet system be located outside or inside ?

Inside. This allows a stable temperature.

What do I see when using a Biolet composting toilet system ?

Not a lot. Unused toilet is closed. When you sit down on the toilet then it automatically  opens up. When you stand up after use, the toilet closes itself.

Can I use toilet paper in a Biolet toilet?

Yes. The toilet paper is mixed into pieces, and the cellulose accelerates the composting.

The toilet paper should only contain paper, no plastic or too much perfume.  If your toilet paper gets loose in a glass of water, then the toilet paper is OK for use. 

You can put toilet paper in a Biolet composting toilet

Do I add something after using the toilet ?

No, just close the toilet, no need to add something.

How regularly should I remove the compost?

This depends on the use. In case of permanent use this may be each 3 to 4 weeks.  In holiday use once each 2 months. You remove the lower bin, the compost has minimum odour (like compost) and is easy to remove without making you dirty.

Composttoilet - compostbak leegmaken

How do I know that I have to empty the compost tray ?

  • The top models have a light that shines up (Biolet 55 and Biolet 65)
  • The compost area is getting wetter and drying is going slower
  • The plastic element indicates that a lot of fluid is present in the lower tray, and this does not go away
  • 3 to 4 weeks of permanent use went by

Photo below: Visual detection of fluid in lower tray (photo : no fluid elements)Biolet composting toilet detect level of fluid in lower tray

    Left : lights (when to empty the toilet, fluid level is high).  Right : thermostat for heating level. Composting toilet indator lights


    What do I do when I don't use the toilet for a while ?

    You switch off the toilet and you close it with the special plastic closing element.  Nothing more.

    Do I have to clean the toilet ?

    Cleaning is very limited:

    • the interior of the toilet is never cleaned
    • the outside can be cleaned easily with water and a limited quantity of washing.

    Do I need electricity ?

    Yes for most models electricity is required.  The lowest electricity consumption is for the separation toilet models Separera (electricity 16 watt per hour or alternatives 4 watt and 0 watt).

    How is it installed ?

    The installation of a composting toilet system is simple and no specialised technician is needed.  See our installation instructions.